Separate and lockable units located centrally in Skedsmo, close to Lillestrøm. Access 24/7. Units from 10 – 50 cubic metres, climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled units. All units are pest-controlled and connected to a central fire system.

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What size of storage is needed? 

We can offer units in different sizes,
The ceiling varies between the units, from 2 metres to 2,5 metres.

For storage of furniture and household goods, you will typically need 1/3 of your living quarters (in square metres) converted to storage need in cubic metres.

Example: If you need to store everything from a:

100 square metre apartment (4-6 room), your storage need will be roughly 33 cubic metres.
65 square metre (2-3 room), your storage need will be roughly 23 cubic metres
35 square metres (studio apt.), your storage need will be roughly 12 cubic metres.

Of course, your storage need will depend on the items you want to store,
and if you feel comfortable about stacking boxes on top of your furniture.

Cubic Area Non-climate-controlled Climate-controlled
10  m3 Ca 5 m2   1000,-
13,5 m3 Ca 5 -7 m2 1200,-  
15  m3 Ca 7,5 m2   1400,-
17,5 m3 Ca 6-8 m2 1400,-  
25  m3 Ca 12,5 m2 1600,- 1800,-


Volume calculator
List the items you want to store, and estimate how much storage space you need

Volume calculator